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I was never judged and always encouraged to push myself

I came back to Wilmington in 2011, after a cancer nightmare, a death of a loved one and a need to balance myself. I had done Pilates for years both in Wilmington and Raleigh. I learned in Wilmington but not the correct philosophy. When I got to Raleigh I basically had to start over and learn new skills, but it was never a warm and friendly environment. When I moved back to Wilmington I stumbled upon In Balance and signed up for classes. I was expecting to be judged for my skill set or lack thereof. That never happened. I was welcomed with open arms by Lauren, Carrie, Carrie, and Kristen. I was never judged and always encouraged to push myself. This was a lifeline to four years of much-needed healing. I learned to push myself and often told many of you I just don’t think I can do that pose or hold that pose or invert myself, but all of you held steady and you all knew better than me that I could and I would hold that pose and do that inversion. That is what I love most, this group of women know that anything is possible and with hard work and sometimes shaky muscles we can always take our practice to new heights. I learned and I continue to learn. I now attack Pilates with love and determination to push myself and always be open to new positions. In Balance is more than a studio, it is a constantly evolving environment that encourages healing, learning, and growth.

~D. M.

I always feel strong and beautiful when I’m working out at In Balance Pilates

Carrie Pages and the In Balance Pilates team have been my partners in physical training for over 13 years. They have seen me through times of health and times of injury and always they have been committed to teaching my individual body and even designing strategies specific to my individual needs. All of this has happened in an environment that makes me feel cared about and supported. I recall asking years ago why there are no mirrors in the studio and I was told it is because my instructor is my mirror… I always feel strong and beautiful when I’m working out at In Balance Pilates.

~B. C.

I always feel energized, like I had a great work-out, and ready to take on the world after class!

I LOVE In Balance Pilates! From the moment you walk in the door until the time you leave, you feel cared for! The attention to correct form, even when in a multi-person class, makes In Balance a very special and unique studio. Each instructor brings their own exceptional teaching skills that offer a subtle variety to their class and they all have a very caring attitude. I always feel energized, like I had a great work-out, and ready to take on the world after class! Thank you to all of the wonderful instructors!

~L. B.

Carrie gave me the gift of longevity to continue competing in a sport I love.

I had one goal in mind when I walked into In Balance Pilates four years ago. My one focus and goal was to build core strength to become a faster triathlete. What I have gained from Carrie Page has far exceeded my simple and naïve goal . Carrie realized in our first session that the previous eight years of triathlon training had taken a toll on my flexibility and balance. I had been injured very often in my eight years of triathlon, but never equated my injuries to my lack of flexibility, fine muscle strength and flexibility. Carrie very carefully and patiently began to work her magic of transforming my body from rigid triathlete to flexible triathlete and Pilates nerd! Becoming a “faster triathlete” took a backseat to becoming a less injured triathlete and subsequently I did become a faster biker, runner and swimmer. Carrie gave me the gift of longevity to continue competing in a sport I love. AND opened my eyes to the gentleness, beauty and flow of Pilates creating an incredible balance in my body and my life.
Carrie is patient, thoughtful and pays attention to every fine detail. She individualizes her instruction and modifies exercises to meet each individuals needs. But more importantly, Carrie genuinely cares for each of her students.
My body and my heart both suffer without my weekly “Pilates Fix” with Carrie. It has been an incredible blessing to be part of the In Balance Pilates family for the past four years.

~R. G.

My lessons are always challenging, invigorating and beneficial

I have been a client of In Balance for 12 years. I never miss my weekly lesson because of terrific teachers, and a lovely and calm environment. In spite of 12 years of Pilates at the same studio my lessons continue to be challenging, invigorating and beneficial. All the instructors are highly trained and focus on an individual’s preferences and needs
I give In Balance Studio the highest grade possible.

~B. R.

I always leave the studio feeling renewed and loved

When I think of In Balance Pilates, I think of sisters, home, family and love. We come to see “our girls”- Carrie or Carrie, Kristen, and Michelle. All of us from different walks of life come together with a single goal to do something for us. Something that is good for us. Something that strengthens us. Something that bonds us. We laugh, jokingly taunting each other while we exercise together, focusing on making ourselves and our bodies better. We leave feeling renewed and loved. This all happens because of the expertise of “our girls”, their dedication and their persistence at helping us achieve our goals and be our best. For those of us that know what In Balance offers we will never stop showing up. And for those of you who haven’t yet stopped in for a class, well… maybe it’s time you did.

~D. S.

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