September 5, 2018

I came back to Wilmington in 2011, after a cancer nightmare, a death of a loved one and a need to balance myself. I had done Pilates for years both in Wilmington and Raleigh. I learned in Wilmington but not the correct philosophy. When I got to Raleigh I basically had to start over and learn new skills, but it was never a warm and friendly environment. When I moved back to Wilmington I stumbled upon In Balance and signed up for classes. I was expecting to be judged for my skill set or lack thereof. That never happened. I was welcomed with open arms by Lauren, Carrie, Carrie, and Kristen. I was never judged and always encouraged to push myself. This was a lifeline to four years of much-needed healing. I learned to push myself and often told many of you I just don’t think I can do that pose or hold that pose or invert myself, but all of you held steady and you all knew better than me that I could and I would hold that pose and do that inversion. That is what I love most, this group of women know that anything is possible and with hard work and sometimes shaky muscles we can always take our practice to new heights. I learned and I continue to learn. I now attack Pilates with love and determination to push myself and always be open to new positions. In Balance is more than a studio, it is a constantly evolving environment that encourages healing, learning, and growth.