Flexibility for Dancers

This 2 hour workshop teaches dancers stretching techniques proven to increase flexibility.  The traditional method of stretching before class (i.e. lying in a split for long periods of time) is no longer recommended. Dynamic stretching has been proven as the best way to warm-up and this workshop teaches a choreographed routine to properly prepare the body for class and rehearsal.  You will also learn the best static stretches to increase flexibility and when to do them.  Finally myofacial release techniques (foam rolling) will be taught.  When done properly these exercises improve flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.  The strap, foam roller and manual are included in the cost of the workshop for you to keep.

Cost:  $70 ($48 if you bring your own foam roller)

When: Saturday, April 27 from 10:30-12:30pm

Where: City Ballet of Wilmington

Includes: Foam roller, stretching strap and manual

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