In Balance Pilates Studio is Wilmington’s premier boutique Pilates studio. We are centrally located at 39th and Oleander, just behind Whole Foods Market near Independence Mall.

Started by Carrie Pages in 2002, In Balance is well in the community for its exceptional quality of Pilates instruction and friendly atmosphere. We offer Private sessions and small group classes and take great pride in making sure each student’s individual needs are met. All of our instructors are comprehensively trained and have completed over 400 hours of Classical Pilates education on the mat and all Pilates apparatus.

The In Balance Difference

Life is all about balance, and at In Balance, we believe the same is true when it comes to health and overall wellness. Founder Joe Pilates believed that “Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit,” and our mission at In Balance is to meet you right where you are to ensure you see the lasting results Pilates brings to every aspect of your life! No matter the goal, each of our instructors encourages a balanced Pilates practice that allows learning and growth in the Pilates method. We want our clients to not only feel successful, but excited for the possibility of reaching new goals!

Why Should I Choose In Balance Pilates Studio?

Our state-of-the-art studio offers a variety of different apparatus, including Reformers, Tower units, Ladder Barrels, Cadillac, Spine Correctors, and the Ped-O-Pole to encourage the development of deep abdominal strength while simultaneously working the rest of the body as it emanates from the central powerhouse. Through consistent practice on the apparatus, clients will develop endurance, balance, core stabilization, strength, and flexibility. The results are not only physical however, as a true, classical Pilates routine teaches clients how to build a “mind-body” connection that brings more focused awareness to each of their movements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with a deeper understanding of the Pilates method and teach them how to integrate these movement patterns into their lives so that they experience change. We strive to to help our clients build a healthier body that functions efficiently, with the highest caliber of strength. The client is the focus, and we encourage the nurturing of their physical, mental, and spiritual health by inviting them to delve deeper into their Pilates practice, guiding them through the process of learning and growing in the method. We want our clients to not only feel successful, but excited for the possibility of reaching new goals.