Pilates Apparatus Training offered at In Balance Pilates Studio, Wilmington

Training on the apparatus encourages the development of deep abdominal strength, while simultaneously working the rest of the body. Through consistent practice on the apparatus, clients will develop endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility. 

Private and Semi-Private Pilates Sessions


A private session is a one-on-one session that utilizes all of the Pilates apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs and Barrels) and incorporates mat work. Private sessions are highly recommended for beginners and people who like to have 100% of an instructor’s attention.


A semi-private session is ideal for two people who want to begin their Pilates training together and utilizes all Pilates apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels) and mat work.

Pilates Group Classes


The Reformer has a rolling carriage on wheels attached to a wooden frame with springs.  Using the resistance of the springs as well as straps and handles, this apparatus improves strength, flexibility, and balance.
6 person limit


Tower classes are performed on the flat mat of the Tower Unit.  This apparatus includes arm springs, leg springs, and wooden bars that create resistance and provide assistance throughout the exercises.
8 person limit.


These classes may include exercises on one or all of the pieces of Pilates apparatus, such as the Reformer, Tower, Chair, and Barrels. 

8 person limit


All Levels Class is designed for everyone, whether you are newer to Pilates or an experienced practitioner. The class is tailored to the participants who are registered that day, flows at a moderate pace, and instructors may offer progressions or modifications on an individual basis. At least 2 private sessions are suggested before you take a group class.


This class is designed for students who have had experience in All Levels classes and are looking to add more challenging concepts and movements to their practice. Class speed may vary from moderate to fast-paced at the instructor’s discretion.


This is our most challenging class offered. With a quick and steady pace, this class is designed for participants proficient in intermediate work and looking for even more challenges. An understanding of your own modifications is necessary to participate in this class.


Studio Policies

  • All sessions are 50 minutes.
  • All classes and private sessions require a 12-hour cancellation notice. If you do not cancel 12 hours before the session, you will be charged.
  • If your instructor cancels on you within the 12-hour cancellation window, your account will be credited for one class.
  • There must be at least 2 clients signed up for a group class in order for the class to be held.  If you are the only client signed up, you will be given the option to upgrade to a private session or reschedule for another class.
  • 5 packs expire in 3 months, 10 packs expire in 3 months, and 20 packs expire in 6 months.
  • Wipe down your equipment and mat with the provided sanitizer after your session as a courtesy to the next client.
  • Turn off cell phones before entering the studio.
  • Please be mindful of your use of smart watches in classes.  Silence notifications and alerts, and do not answer calls during your session.
  • Limit conversation in the studio before, during, and after sessions.
  • Refrain from wearing perfume and scented lotions, as some clients have severe allergies.
  • Pets are not allowed in the studio.
  • Children are not allowed in the studio.
  • Do not use the equipment before or after your session unless supervised by an instructor.
  • Do not observe sessions while waiting for your session to begin.